Who we are

We are Sanctuary International - a global health and social care recruitment agency, specialising in supporting workers who want to relocate to the UK. We work closely with UK organisations to tackle the growing workforce challenges faced by their health and social care teams, which are under more strain now than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having successfully placed hundreds of international staff in 2019 from the Philippines, India, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, the EU and other locations, we understand that relocating to the UK for work is a big step. That is why we work hard to support overseas candidates on their journey to finding their dream role in the UK.

Sanctuary International is a branch of Sanctuary Personnel, founded in the UK in 2006 with one ambition: to set a new standard in health and social care organisations. In 2018, there was a surge in demand for international recruitment within the health sector, which resulted in the establishment of Sanctuary International. Not only do we focus on placing high-quality applicants in health organisations across the UK, but we also offer stellar relocation packages, supporting health professionals at every step of the way as they embark on their new life.

Why we're here

The work that health and social care professionals do to help and care for patients and vulnerable people is more important now than it ever has been before. We're passionate about supporting overseas workers wanting to progress into UK health and social care roles, which is why we created MigrateHR, an international staffing platform. It provides candidates with a community space to engage on a global scale with other workers, and to share best practice.

The official launch date of MigrateHR will be 2021, however we’re using the software in its current development state, along with our global network, to connect professionals across the world, creating a shared knowledge base and resources to help towards the fight against COVID-19.

“As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, MigrateHR gives the health and social care sector the ability to leap forward and engage with local and global communities, negating the need for expensive recruitment campaigns. UK health organisations and councils can enjoy tailored matching and browse the very best CVs, whilst only paying for who they actually hire.”

Lee Emmett - Managing Director, Sanctuary International

Our team

Lee Emmett

Managing Director

Louis Holley

Chief Technology Officer

Amy Bramwell

Marketing Account Manager

Keith Pilkington

Operations Manager

Dan Halls

Head of Social Work and AHP

Paul Hayward

Head of Nursing